Organizational development


The intensity and speed of change within companies accelerate. The business life cycles have become shorter and shorter. Are your employees prepared for the steady changing markets and circumstances? My focus lies on supporting your staff, on strengthening their change competences.


Your wording has an impact on how you think, the quality of your relationships and your corporations. How does communication take place in your organization today and how do you want to shape your conversations and feedbacks in the future? By becoming aware of your phrasing, your judgments and needs, you are able to create an appreciative communication style that leads to new perspectives and engagement.


Shared values provide a source of identity, are connecting and the foundation of a successful collaboration. Which values are important to you? Which values does your organization live by today and are they reflected in your processes? Which values do you need in order to be successful? I accompany you as a facilitator in your process.

I respond to your individual situation and requirements of your company and meet you where you are with a resource-oriented approach. I integrate techniques such as systemic coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, Nonviolent Communication and positive psychology. 

The applied training methods are for example small team workshops, complementing reflection exercises, impulses and coaching which fit to your training landscape. The integration into the professional life is key.


During the preliminary meeting we will clarify the topic and expectations. The conceptual phase takes place in alignment with your individual situation, needs and your existing training landscape. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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